I believe that it is always good to know a little about the person you may be working with, so here is something about me to help you understand why I do what I do.

I am a woman of faith, a wife and mother of four children. Many who have seen me speak would assume I am confident and enjoy standing in front of hundreds of people telling my story, or challenging issues around addiction and stress. But it has not always been that way!

I have known what it is like to fall from grace as I went from successful model to drug addict and then back up to life as a mother and wife, therapist, writer, speaker and coach.

 I am well aware of the pitfalls that can occur in life, and this has spurred me on in my mission to provide opportunities for others, to try and prevent hard falls. Now I share my story as a speaker in organisations in order to inspire others, and to say that, sometimes, we just need a helping hand to get up again.

It has been exciting to discover that my work creates a powerful environment where clients can facilitate change in their lives, and their organisations. This brings transformation and builds resilience, both in the work-place and also in life in general.

As an Executive Coach, working with senior managers, as well as a therapist, speaker and writer, my passion is to see people thrive and grow.

I am a contributor for Huffpost and glassheel.com in the USA and also write articles for Great Health Guide

If you want to contact me please e mail me at susie@thebespokecoach.com

About Susie Flashman Jarvis

One part of blogging is to write about myself. That in itself is a challenge, not because I don’t know myself but rather, I need to think about what I want you to know.

As a coach or a therapist the general rule of thumb is, don’t disclose things about yourself unless it is useful for the client. However, I believe in congruence and I believe that someone is more likely to be themselves if they experience authenticity in another.

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