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Executive Coaching in Kent & London

Susie is based in Tunbridge Wells working across Kent, in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Maidstone and London as an Executive coach. Over time she has found herself supporting executives to live and work in more successful ways as she challenges their coping strategies, building relationships of trust and discretion that are so necessary when working with those at the top. She is known as a challenging and authentic coach, unafraid to ask the questions needed to ensure that her clients are the best they can be!

What does executive coaching look like?

Unlike other more specific areas of coaching it can look at your entire life:

  • - It is confidential and discrete
  • - Challenges your work-life balance and stress levels
  • - Supports you to manage when the rubber hits the road and there is nowhere to turn, in the isolation that comes as part of the package in the life of the executive
  • - Challenges the unhealthy patterns and habits that may have developed over time.

Who would benefit from Executive coaching?

  • - If you are in a senior position and are aware that a confidential space to look at and understand yourself would be of benefit, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • - If you are aware that the isolating factors that effect, most leaders are resulting in habits that need to be addressed in order to find new ways to manage, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • - If you are the visionary that drives the organisation, but have little time to understand yourself, then Executive coaching is for you.
  • - If you are often stressed with the many plates you have to spin, then Executive coaching will enable you to re-frame and order you thoughts and life.

Does executive coaching need to be face to face?

Executives are by nature busy, productive people and so a versatility is necessary if executive coaching is to be accessed by them. In order to accommodate and not limit those that she works with, Susie successfully uses Skype when appropriate. This means that although she works mainly in Kent, in the towns of Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Maidstone and London, there are no restrictions to accessing her expertise.

Contact her via her e mail: susie@thebespokecoach.com or her mobile: +447968669648 to arrange a chemistry call and find out more.

“Susie coached me on identifying my direction and aims, self management and to have a positive view of self. She helped me to attune to my vision and sense of calling. I am now much more able to deal with negative thoughts and doubts and I have developed techniques to assist effective management. Working with Susie was an inspiration; her exquisite blend of active listening and calm assertion was engaging and she’s full of insight and good old common sense. I’d highly recommend her!”

  • Michael Haselden, Director/Founder of Angel Lane CIC

About Susie Flashman Jarvis

One part of blogging is to write about myself. That in itself is a challenge, not because I don’t know myself but rather, I need to think about what I want you to know.

As a coach or a therapist the general rule of thumb is, don’t disclose things about yourself unless it is useful for the client. However, I believe in congruence and I believe that someone is more likely to be themselves if they experience authenticity in another.

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