“A strong beginning is a good thing only when coupled with a strong finish,” observed Mary Kay Ash, who started her Mary Kay cosmetics company at age 40.
I love this quote courtesy of the blog ‘Late Blooming Entrepreneurs.’

We are never too old to change are we? I believe we can teach an old dog new tricks (not that I am one!) And so today I enter the world of the blog to ensure that I have a great start and a great finish.
As you get older the finish line may appear to be in sight, well at least nearer than it was 20 years ago. But,as one of my children said to me the other day,’I hope I will have enough time to do everything I want to do.’ Whatever our age we all wonder if there is enough time…
And so now to muse or to wonder.To write and ponder. To develop and grow whatever my numerical accumulation.


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