Do you have hopes and dreams?
Do you want to live life to the full?

Do you want to achieve and deal with the stuck places in your life?

Coaching, once only available to the few is now accessible to all.

Life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching are close relatives to therapy. Coaching borrows many of its techniques and knowledge about how we operate in the world from therapy and makes it future and outcome focused. Solution focused, it draws on the strengths and possibly unrecognised skill of the client.
Therapeutic coaching blends the two disciplines and provides a space to move forward from. To unearth the issues, spoken and unspoken that may have prevented you from achieving and clears the decks for a new beginning.
So, what are your hopes and dreams?
What do you want to deal with and change? Do you need new vision? Are you dealing with a difficult situation at home, or work? My experience working with many different clients has found that building resilience and dealing with shame facilitates individuals to bring the change