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As a writer I am passionate about writing and challenging the status quo and as such have been writing a coaching blog in various formats over the past years.

My writing & experiences

My experiences as a writer have resulted in me writing internationally

More about my writing

I like to write about issues that affect us as men and women, whether at home or in the work-place. I love to shine light on the darker corners of our world with the behaviours and abuses revealed that would otherwise go unnoticed.

My experiences as a writer have resulted in me writing internationally for an Australian on line magazine ‘The great health guide.’ And I have contributed to Huffpost USA. I am also the author of two books available on Amazon.

Living in lock down

As the days continue long and without end before us, we need balance. When the constraints to our freedom, even if we know we are playing our part, weigh heavy on us, we need space to restore.. When our people at work and in our families suffer to one degree or...

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We are all afraid sometimes

These are unfamiliar times. In these unprecedented times it is to be expected that we will become anxious and afraid sometimes. Uncertainty for the future will unleash all sort of worries. Some real and some not. The question is: How do we manage our thoughts? Last...

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Be the best you! Authentic leadership

Be the best you! Authentic leadership. Yesterday I spoke at an Aurora reflection session in Canterbury Christ Church University. It was for leaders and aspiring leaders across the university. It is always challenging for me to decide on how much to share when I am...

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2020 vision: press pause

Help guide and plan your 2020 vision with the Executive Coaching sessions from Susie The Bespoke Coach It’s the end of the first week in the New Year. How did you face the change and challenge that the New Decade heralded? Was it with trepidation? With hopes and...

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Mental health and you

I have watched the programmes screened over the past few weeks,discussing mental health and am amazed by the difference well-known people are making: shining a light on mental illness and diminishing its power. Like most troublesome issues, mental illness thrives in...

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