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As a writer I am passionate about writing and challenging the status quo and as such have been writing a coaching blog in various formats over the past years.

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My experiences as a writer have resulted in me writing internationally

More about my writing

I like to write about issues that affect us as men and women, whether at home or in the work-place. I love to shine light on the darker corners of our world with the behaviours and abuses revealed that would otherwise go unnoticed.

My experiences as a writer have resulted in me writing internationally for an Australian on line magazine ‘The great health guide.’ And I have contributed to Huffpost USA. I am also the author of two books available on Amazon.

Will you start drinking in February?

Will you start drinking again in January? At the beginning of the year so many of us go on a health initiative. Whether it is joining a gym, doing the couch to 5k, or giving up alcohol. The aim is usually about mitigating the damage of overindulgence during the...

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Taking the pressure out of New Year resolutions

The New Year beckons now Christmas is done, the official and hopefully precious, two days anyway. Maybe a few days of meetups with much loved friends and family are now strewn across the diary (or are booked in your memory as the diary has been left unopened!)...

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Executive coaching to support your leadership style.

As a Executive coach I am well aware that senior executives are not immune to the many issues that we all face. More importantly, they may soldier on regardless without regard to the danger of burn out, the result can be an expectation that their staff will do the...

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How to support your staff: world mental health day

World mental health day. World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. How do we raise...

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How authentic are you in the online world?

It has been with interest that I have examined the statistics from my latest blogs. All about mental health in the workplace, these blogs may have challenged the reader with regard to an authentic response. So I have checked out how many have commented or liked them...

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Mental health and the workplace

I was so encouraged to watch the @headstogether clip of the Duke of Cambridge speaking on the matter of mental health at a recent Workplace Well-being Conference. He used the phrase, ‘if you are able to talk about something you often have less reason to fear it’. It...

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