Be the best you! Authentic leadership

Be the best you! Authentic leadership. Yesterday I spoke at an Aurora reflection session in Canterbury Christ Church University. It was for leaders and aspiring leaders across the university. It is always challenging for me to decide on how much to share when I am invited to speak at an event. The title of my talk ‘Be the best you! Authentic leadership’ required a high degree of openness.  So, the question was do I just say everything? Or do I…

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Will silence reign again as mental health month comes an end?

As mental health month comes to an end, what does it mean for your organisation, what does it mean for you? It’s all very well focusing on mental health for a while but when the noise dies down what happens next? So many people feel abandoned when it comes to talking about depression and anxiety. For so many being stressed and overwhelmed is unacceptable. How can we, how can you, ensure that there is the correct support out there for…

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How authentic are you in the online world?

It has been with interest that I have examined the statistics from my latest blogs. All about mental health in the workplace, these blogs may have challenged the reader with regard to an authentic response. So I have checked out how many have commented or liked them against the number of people who have read them. The question is what does it tell us? As an executive coach I spend many hours with senior leaders, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. They…

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About Susie Flashman Jarvis

One part of blogging is to write about myself. That in itself is a challenge, not because I don’t know myself but rather, I need to think about what I want you to know.

As a coach or a therapist the general rule of thumb is, don’t disclose things about yourself unless it is useful for the client. However, I believe in congruence and I believe that someone is more likely to be themselves if they experience authenticity in another.

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