where to buy Ivermectin uk Zoom intimacy. #leadwithintegrityandgrace. We all have a primary need to belong, but the past 6 months have brought a degree of isolation not known before. We have all had to learn to communicate remotely and this has been very troublesome for many: Unable to hug and reach out for a handshake or receive a congratulatory slap on the back has been so difficult. Working without the immediacy of colleagues to seek advice from, or to collaborate with is super challenging.…

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The interface between coaching and counselling.

unpreparedly https://youtu.be/jLD7ze6uBWw Coaching and counselling are close cousins, but where do they overlap? What do coaches need to be able to manage as they work with more mental health issues? In this webinar  I discuss the challenges coaches face, particularly as the lock-down affects so many in negative ways. It is vital that coaches are resourced to be the best they can be in these unpredictable times. #executivecoaching #leadwithgraceandintegrity

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About Susie Flashman Jarvis

priligy purchase in india One part of blogging is to write about myself. That in itself is a challenge, not because I don’t know myself but rather, I need to think about what I want you to know.

As a coach or a therapist the general rule of thumb is, don’t disclose things about yourself unless it is useful for the client. However, I believe in congruence and I believe that someone is more likely to be themselves if they experience authenticity in another.

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