Musings on communication.

I have heard it said that the Millennials, Generation Y -those born between 1980 and 2000, have very different needs to those of the Baby boomers- born between 1946 and 1964.
Apparently they are more in touch with their feelings, requiring that companies and work-place environments should be strongly ethical, green and people focused. Whereas Baby boomers thought they had it sorted, they were the revolutionary generation, THE generation, and are now, not best pleased to be usurped, by anyone and retired.

If the needs of both these generations are so different how do you manage the changeover: employment to retirement, intern to partner?

Baby boomers can have a reluctance to leave the work-place, seeing retirement as being put out to pasture. They are often unwilling to pass on the baton to those who may not seem to take things as seriously as they do.
How can you create an environment of exchange where both generations find new ways together, before retirement looms for one and advancement for the other?
A space to talk.

Managing and caring for staff, making time to hear hopes and dreams is not time wasted.

Providing managed space and time to talk, will help ensure a good healthy work-life balance, where ideas and suggestions are shared and explored with respect.

New ideas and wisdom mixed together can be a tour de force that will take your company on from strength to strength.