Fake it until you make it.
So you have done it. Your feet are under the desk. They believed everything and yet you still feel like a fraud somewhere deep within.
Many people in positions of authority do not allow anyone near enough to let them really ‘see’ them. It’s a risk, after all they may doubt you, and they may start to give you those funny looks that ask the question; ‘Is she/he for real?’
You know that thing that happens when you log into a website, and they ask you if you are a robot? 2+2=?
Well, guess what? You are not a robot, so why behave as if you are?
There are four feeling groups.
Sadness, anger, fear and happiness. All these feelings groups reside in each and every one of us. How we experience and show them differs, person to person. But they are all there.
What do you do with the feelings? How do you access them safely? How do you avoid being totally overwhelmed?
How does coaching help?
People need to access coaching for many reasons, and the issues they bring are as varied as the people themselves.
‘My wife is always complaining that I work too late!’
‘I am drinking too much in order to manage my stress.’
‘How can I manage my team in a better way?’
The processing of these issues are unique to the individual and so do not succumb to a set formulae. However the outcome is often similar; work/life balance is restored. They find out that can survive feelings that they have stored away for a life-time. That they are not overwhelmed and not frauds after all.
Re calibration.
How do you restore to factory settings, back up your internal files and re calibrate?
If you had an injury, if you were over-weight, if you were a diabetic you would change your life-style, wouldn’t you?
Re calibration of the mind, of thought patterns and beliefs needs the same amount of attention. This is not a quick fix, it is not a diet plan it is changing and challenging what you think.

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