Workplace stress may contribute up to $190 billion in health-care expenses and over 120,000 deaths each year. 12 10 2015

The pressure to succeed is immense in the world today. Striving to provide for the family. Climbing the corporate ladder.
Male or female. Young or old. The drive to be at the top, to compete, to be the best, can result in a high price.

According to Forbes, stress kills. It is responsible for millions of lost revenue.

The question is, how do you prevent these losses? How do you get the best for your staff and the best from them?

I believe it is caring that change can occur. It is in the provision of resources to recalibrate, and gain new perspectives, that disaster is averted.

Stress occurs, and the accompanying side-effects, when we are left to drift in the ocean of over-work, unrealistic goals, and imbalance.

Renewal and rebalance occurs when we look at our situation with new eyes, and gain new achievable goals that support development into the people we really want to be.