The autumn days are upon us. Days of hats and gloves.  Fallen leaves soft after a downpour, or crisp underfoot lay on the ground. Driving rain, or strange hot October sunshine confuses us, as multi-layered as we face the uncertain climate. The possible chill of the weather against the warmth of the work-place. And so we dress for all possible eventualities.

But it’s not just the weather that is changing.

The political climate seems to be in uproar too, with male politicians striking one another, and new leaders jostling for position. Potential leaders making lewd comments about women, and others sanctioning actions that appear to be decimating whole populations.

Sterling is at it’s lowest point in many years, some are pleased, but many are anxious. And the work-place is fraught with tension.

How can we live in these days and do it well?

I am now working as a coach with a variety of people. It is my total pleasure to be instrumental in supporting them to make the changes they want, be it predictable ones, or ones they had only dreamt of.

Life is full of uncertainty, but in many ways, it always has been. We are constantly challenged to be all that we can, whilst sometimes finding it so difficult to believe and hope in our futures. Fears about failing, about being found out as fallible, can hold us hostage and make any change appear impossible.

So how do we live well?

It seems to me that one of the best ways is to dig deep within ourselves, often with the support of someone we trust, and actually dare to speak out. It is a challenge for us, oh so British people, to say exactly how we feel. Could we be blowing our own trumpets? My answer is no, we are only trying to be all that we can, in spite of a world full of difficulty.

So how about it?

Take a deep breath, trust yourself and another with your hopes and dreams. Push your boat out of the harbour. It is, after all, only as you move onto open ocean that there is any chance that you will reach the