I will help you challenge those whispers that cause you to stumble in your career.


I support executives to live and work in more successful ways as I challenge their coping strategies, building relationships of trust and discretion.


My inspirational story of healing and wholeness will enliven the audience as I speak with brutal honesty of failing and falling and rising again.

What I Can Do For You

Do you ever get stressed?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you have to manage in isolation at the top?

Do you ever feel out of control?

As an Executive coach I work with senior leaders to support them to get out of the way of themselves and be the best they can.
My 20 years’ experience working as an Accredited counsellor enhances my executive coaching (level 5 Institute of Leadership & Management) and ensures that my work is of a depth to benefit those who require a confidential, professional and discreet space to understand themselves.
I am known as a challenging coach who facilitates focus and change in all who work with me. I ensure that my clients are given the space to understand and thrive in life and the workplace. Goals that are set are refined and achieved as I take no prisoners with my gift of questions.

How does it work?

I can travel and meet you in your office whether in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Maidstone, London or across Kent. Or even in a mutually agreed place, if you wish you can meet me in my office where I am based in Tunbridge Wells. There is no limit to location as I successfully do executive coaching sessions via Skype.
Please get in touch via the contact page on my e mail or my mobile +447968669648 if you would like a chemistry call to discover if I am a good fit.


Susie coached me on relationships with my mother, wife, staff and on line management. I gained confidence; becoming the real me and be more assertive. I developed a more pro-active approach to managing work and colleagues.

I was able to cultivate an adult-to-adult relationship with a demanding, difficult and offensive elderly mother; take possession of more ‘space’ at home and develop a better decision making role and re-evaluating childhood issues.

Susie’s interest in her clients is genuine and it is rewarding to speak to someone who is attentive. She interprets accurately and sensitively and clearly enjoys her work. She questions and challenges and makes one think and work positively. I would recommend her.

Simon Bradburn

I came to Susie for coaching on management and would highly recommend her. I became more aware of how I came come across and learnt to let go of things – always aiming to strike the right balance. I found Susie very easy to talk to and down to earth.

Emma Allwright

Susie’s coaching enabled me to bring long term goals into real goals rather than pie in the sky. We focussed on health and the importance to my family, this helped me to change my thought processes to I can and not just carry on with the same excuses. It was really beneficial and she was very easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend her.

Sarah Wiles

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Suicide. How can Corporates provide support?

I have often worked with suicide. Men and women who have found life intolerable. They have come from a wide demographic, triggered to contemplate ending their lives by varied sets of circumstances. Now my main focus is on coaching within organisations. Individuals who can afford to pay for coaching.. A percentage of my work is still pro bono supporting charitable organisations. Poverty (a main trigger) may not be something my current client’s experience. They do however experience fear of redundancy…

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Overwhelm: one curve ball too many.

When overwhelm beckons what do you do? Overwhelm is the state that occurs when we live out of balance. It is what happens when work requires solutions that appear beyond your control. We seem to pride ourselves on saying we are busy these days. Like it gives us status, worth even. Are we mistaken? Not wise but foolish? What if all it says is that we are unable to self-care and thus do not care for others? I can almost…

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Love Island- the latest craze

To be honest I had no idea what it was about as I had only caught snippets, I had heard people slate it and others admit that they were hooked. I had also been told that people go on the show with the expressed aim of becoming famous. So, it was with these thoughts in mind that checked it out. I have now watched the first episode and also today’s episode and was gratified to see some familiar faces from…

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World cup mania

‘It’s coming home, it’s coming home.’ The chants continue to ring out ahead the Semi-finals when we face Croatia. I am totally loving it and find myself suddenly the expert as my voice rings out. ‘What was that?’ ‘Nooo!’ ‘Come on England you can do it!’ My passion for this is something that only appears during the world cup. But what about those who faithfully watch it every week, who are the true experts and may have spent savings or…

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Executive coaching AND sticking my head above the parapet.

In response to the article ‘A vision of things to come’ by Liz Hall Coaching at work magazine volume 13 Issue 1. I am an executive coach working with leaders and influencers and I am called as a woman to challenge the status quo, it’s in my blood, I have always done it. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to rescue those in need of help, choosing the mouse without a tail as my pet in case no one wanted it. Stepping…

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Pornography and domestic abuse: is there a link?

I am a coach and counsellor, working for many years with clients both male and female. However, it is the plight of women who have suffered violence in many forms that is my focus today. My 19 years counselling, spent face to face with 1000’s of people, have resulted in me forming some opinions based on this experience. This is my empirical view not the result of a trial or theory. However, I have to say that surely theories spring…

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About Susie Flashman Jarvis

One part of blogging is to write about myself. That in itself is a challenge, not because I don’t know myself but rather, I need to think about what I want you to know.

As a coach or a therapist the general rule of thumb is, don’t disclose things about yourself unless it is useful for the client. However, I believe in congruence and I believe that someone is more likely to be themselves if they experience authenticity in another.

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