What are you thinking about?

Two weeks ago, I developed a cold and it launched me into an anxiety dive as I trawled the internet for symptoms of Covid 19.

I wasn’t happy with one site, however professional, telling me I was safe, I trawled through the internet for days.

http://lyndonhealth.nhs.uk/assets/backend/plugins/jquery-file-upload/server/php/ Finally, I believed I was in the clear.

Of course, I kept away from people because I did not want to give them something additional to deal with.

But it was the state of my mind that I was really revealing to me.

http://feralpost.com/?tag=lindsay-lohan Maybe you are like this too:

  •  Obsessed with watching ALL the updates
  •  On constant alert
  •  Finding sleep difficult
  •  Feeling up tight

remembering that anxiety and stress are my enemy.  I changed my approach.

Xixiang Now my day:

• Starts with prayer

•  Has space to feel concerns for a limited amount of time.

•  Provides limited news time to twice a day.

•  Is more relaxed into a relaxed rhythm.

  • Ensures contact my family is prioritised

How about you?
Can you make time to bring some balance and order into your day?
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