This morning I was interviewed on various local radio shows across the UK. The reason; Faith in the world week @BBC radio.

A poll by ComRes interviewed 1,003 adults by telephone asking the question: what is the most beautiful quality in a friend, partner or parent? The answer was very interesting. Who do you say you are?

I am often seen as a professional woman, a coach and a therapist. But sometimes I am seen as an ex model, and for this occasion it was the latter.

So what about do you? Do you have different hats that you wear for different occasions? Different faces that you have for the various roles in your lives?

incomparably Coaching.

As a personal consultant I work with the entire person; the different faces and masks. This enables the client to see how they often drag, into their present day lives, the baggage of their pasts.

It is as we look closely as at ourselves that we can discover hidden strengths, as well as weaknesses. But everything is grist for the mill, everything is useful.

Take today for instance.

I was interviewed because I was a successful model in the 1980’s and so have some idea about the challenges that are faced by us all when it comes to beauty. Finding value in this world when many things: advertising, the silver screen and celebrity lives are often about the transient beauty of youth rather than age, can be hard.  These are also the pressures and strains put on us by society at large. This transfers itself into a driving need to succeed, and so we need to be perfect in the way we present ourselves. And on it goes. How can we stop this merry-go-round?

Yingshang Chengguanzhen Maybe we need to ask the right questions?

When I ask my clients for feedback on my coaching, they say: ‘you are so easy to talk to. I trust you’ They trust me with the parts of their lives that they do not look at very often. Why?

Back to the survey, what did it discover?

necessitously That the beautiful qualities that people value the most, are being loyal and caring.

How about that?

It is not about how young or old we are. How fat or thin. How beautiful or ugly.

It makes no difference how old I am now, or how many lines I have on my face. What matters the most, is that I am trusted.

There is hope for us all!

It’s about how trustworthy we are, how much we care.

Its about connection, about being real with one another.

Don’t you just love that?

We do, in fact, look further than what is on the surface, and that is really heartening.